Alexander Technique

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What is the Alexander Technique?

Introductory information with videos, articles and podcasts.

A comprehensive source of information on the Alexander Technique including links for articles, podcasts and interviews

Professional organization for teachers of the Alexander Technique, along with information, resources and a searchable directory to find AmSAT certified teachers in your area.

The largest professional association of Alexander Technique Teachers worldwide, established in 1958 by teachers trained by FM Alexander.


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Medical Medium

The Healing Path

Medical Medium Anthony William's free online course

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Integrative platform for courses, memberships, podcasts and coaching

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Alexander Technique

Medical Medium

Body Learning by Michael Gelb

Great introductory book to the Alexander Technique

Medical Medium by Anthony William

Revised & Expanded Edition: Secrets Behind Chronic & Mystery Illness

Great introduction to the Medical Medium ~ First book in the series



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